Wednesday, 11 April 2012

stud maniac

I am obsessed with studs.
Always have been, always will be.

Totally love this tough, yet elegant piece.

Sleek Magazine # 33

 Model: Merlin Perli
Photography: Stefan Heinrichs 


Another lovely editorial from Grey Magazine.
Love the movement and the colours, very similar to this post.

Alessio Bolzoni manages to make your typical "hot mess" moments look almost graceful and stylish.

via FGR

Models: Hannah Noble, Anna Millonig, Agne Petkute
Photography: Alessio Bolzoni

Thursday, 5 April 2012

spring prints

I love prints.
Floral, geometric, tribal, tie-dye = awesome.
Spring brings a feeling of freshness and excitement, 
so what better way to express it than through a colour + print explosion.

Something else to note: lovely pleats and pastels.

Alana Zimmer & Hanne Gaby Odiele by Steven Pan (Interview Russia)
Emma Wahlberg by Gorka Postigo (Metal #27)
Ieva Laguna by Jason Kim (Collezioni Russia)
Josephine Skriver by Mark Kean (Wonderland) 
Txema Yeste (Numero China)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spring in Marrakech

I really love the mood in these photos.
Gentle light and bright spring colours.

Modern Weekly China via FGR

Model: Elise Crombez
Photography: Lina Scheynius

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

interspecies erotica

Is this pug-bunny hybrid real?! 
It's so adorable, but sort of weird-looking at the same time.
Totally want one.


Paris as the back-drop for a high fashion shoot is nothing new.
In fact, it's gone from iconic, to cliche, to boring and over-done.
But once in a while there is editorial that reminds you why nothing beats the chic and romance of this city.

Well-done Elle Ukraine!

Model: Natalia Siodmiak
Photography: Andoni & Arantxa